Quartet: four poetic voices

by Marie Buckley - Carol Frischmann - Judith Massee - Jean Richardson 

As human beings, we all have the same lifetime themes: childhood, love, family, work, growing old, and loss. But, as individuals, we perceive these themes very differently and write about them in a voice uniquely our own.

Quartet is a volume of poetry written by four poets who have been writing together for over three years. Critiquing, challenging, encouraging each other, we have brought our work together and hope that it will resonate with our readers as it does with us. -  From the Foreword by Judith Massee.

Vivid images spring from one page, illuminate another, as four diverse lifetimes unfold before the mind's eye. Here are poems that enlighten, poems that surprise, poems that satisfy, poems that take you to familiar places you've never been, poems that thrust you to exotic places you never imagined. The four voices ring true, playing against each other like steeple bells. - David Hedges - Poet, author, and president emeritus of the Oregon State Poetry Association. 

These poems are the work of four poets who take their readers deep into the richness at the core of everyday life. Beware: they are the real McCoy. This is what poetry strives to be. These poems do what only poetry at its best can do. A most satisfying read. - Ron Talney - Attorney, poet and publisher.

Four lives, Four voices. There is the richness of four distinct poetic sensibilities brought to bear on the trials, the joys, the shocks and griefs, the blessings of being a woman. With considerable range--from Marie Buckley's evocation of young girls sitting amidst blooming lilacs, "...conceiving and birthing words/ to let go, to populate and color the earths;' to Carol Frischmann's childhood memories of tobacco being grown and cured, "...green leaves made leathery,/ brown and sweet pungent magic/ that seems like home;' to Judith Massee's solitary dance in which she can "...bark at spiders/ pick roses,/ then empty my heart/ on the dying grass;" to Jean Richardson's personification of darkness, "that sweaty stranger who walks beside me/ all through daylight" -- this collection offers a compelling sample of each poet's work. By turns sensual, somber, celebratory, witty, and elegiac, the poems of Quartet yield a lyric trove. - Paulann Petersen - Award winning poet and teacher. 

About the authors

Marie Buckley

Marie Buckley is a native Nebraskan. She has been a teacher in the Oregon public schools and is currently an adjunct instructor at Portland Community College. She has taught life writing classes for women since 2000 in Hillsboro, Oregon, where she lives. She is an animal rights advocate, storyteller, vegetarian/vegan food enthusiast and word lover. Her first published work, when she was thirteen, was a poem in her school newspaper.

Carol Frischmann

Carol Frischmann grew up in rural South Carolina surrounded by pets, farm animals and wildlife. After earning a B.S. in Science Education at Duke University, she pursued her love of science in a variety of ventures. She's taught high school science, educated visitors at zoos and museums, and designed and sold life science research tools for Fortune 500 companies. Under the scrutiny of three parrots and a Doberman pinscher, Carol now writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry from her Pacific Northwest home.

Judith Massee

Judith Massee grew up in Portland, Oregon. After college graduation she moved to New York City, where she studied and worked professionally in the theater for nine years. She returned to Portland to become Director of the Dance Department at Reed College, where she worked for twenty-eight years. Poetry and dance have always been an integral part of her life. She has won numerous poetry prizes and has been published in the anthology Blooming in the Shade: Five Oregon Poets, The Oregon Coast Almanac, Reed College Exile, and Oregon Writers Colony anthology, In Our Own Voices. Massee is currently Poetry Editor for Writers Northwest Quarterly and frequently writes a poetry column for Oregon Writers colony's Colonygram.

Jean Richardson

Jean Richardson is a published poet living and occasionally writing in Portland, Oregon. She writes because she has to: poetry is one of the few things that keep her sane.