The Real American Dream:

Creating Independence & Running a One-Person Business

by Sally E. Petersen

Sally Petersen gently leads you down your personal path to designing you own successful one-person business. She'll help you discover your potential and learn to maximize your skills creating freedom, financial independence and control of your life. Isn't that The Real American Dream?

The Real American Dream is filled with:

If you are already running your own business, The Real American Dream will:

  1. Reaffirm your goals

  2. Show you how to grow and remain a one-person business

  3. Encourage you to develop associates and networks for support

  4. Renew your strengths

  5. Help you focus

About the author

You can not separate who you are from the work you do and expect to find success and happiness," says author and business owner Sally Petersen. "Iíve found over years of experience that understanding your own attitudes, values and needs is the base for constructing a satisfying business life."

Sally created a one-person business to successfully merge her desire for independence with her unique set of foundation skills. In launching The Write Touch, a writing, editing and desktop publishing business, she drew on previous experience in corporate, nonprofit and government sectors.

She is sought out by other entrepreneurs for advice on issues pertinent to the single-person or small business, teaches workshops based on her book, and coaches on an individual basis.

Her wide-ranging experience includes twelve years as a sole proprietor, a decade in a Fortune 500 high tech firm, a creative post in city government, and years of consulting and advising. A former journalist, columnist and working parent, Peterson holds a BA in journalism and an MS in management.


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