Blooming in the Shade: Five Oregon Poets

by Ashira Belsey - Maxine Borcherding - Joan Maiers - Judith Massee - Sharon Roso

About the authors

Ashira Belsey

Ashira Belsey is an enthusiastic transplant to Portland from New York and Boston, where she studied and practiced clinical social work. Now retired after forty years of practice and teaching in graduate schools, she appreciates having time for poetry. Singing and performing Yiddish and other folk music is her further devotion.

Maxine Borcherding

Maxine Borcherding was born in Brooklyn, New York, and trained in Biochemistry and Public Administration. After serving in a variety of posts in Federal and City government, she turned her lifetime love of food into a catering and consulting business, which she currently operates. Adopted and mentored by fellow authors since writing her first poem in 1996, Maxine lives, writes, and cooks in Portland, Oregon.

Joan Maiers

Joan Maiers searches for the language to best interpret how travel, music, and the correspondences between light and shadow provoke her writing. She finds never enough time to experience peoplesí stories and their landscapes, while she enjoys supporting herself by consulting and instruction at Marylhurst College on how to prepare effective written messages. After a childhood of moves from Washington, D.C. to the Virginias, New York and Montana, she regards Oregon as home, for the present moment.

Judith Massee

Judith Massee grew up in Portland, Oregon. After college graduation she moved to New York City, where she studied and worked professionally in the theater for nine years. She returned to Portland to become Director of the Dance Department at Reed College, where she worked for twenty-eight years. Poetry and dance have always been an integral part of her life. She currently writes the poetry column for the Writers Northwest Newspaper.

Sharon Roso

Sharon Roso is a native Oregonian who, before she "found" poetry, was a member of the Portland Planning Commission and Coordinator of the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival and the St. Johns Christmas Market. Classes with Oregon Writers Workshop, Haystack, and Mountain Writers whetted her pen, and she is now a student at Marylhurst College. She and her husband Steve enjoy grandchildren, growing things, and the Oregon Coast.